Master Mission (Networlding v/s networking)

We are a unique consulting agency which offers business – guidance in relation to fulfilling the mission of: connecting people to places, sharing ideas through legal leadership-meetings, attending training-events, activating marketing-visions and doing things never done before in a “networlding approach”.

History Journey:

Since 2000, we have partnered with a diverse range of industries to help them maximize expertise in their ” Organizations’.” Now, we have put all our thoughts and pro bono efforts into forming an integrated business-consulting agency with an added tier of educational-advocacy. We provide over 90 clients with customized-services in a more effective manner than traditional Coaching-Consulting models. We lead you through customized levels of greatness at your own pace to cultivate your own vision.

How we Consult and Advise:

We stand apart from competitors in the approach, pedagogy and methodology. Our proven record of sourcing and referring excellent resources has contributed to the success of many customers in a dozen arenas: education; not for profit, direct service providers, legal advocates, organized worker unions, juvenile justice and the disabled community to name few. This team provides custom solutions that are flexible, affordable and efficient. Our purpose and passion is to Serve through Supporting the community with Caring ??Hands, Networlding ?Habits and Open ? Hearts!!

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Tier 1/ Silver

Volunteer/Intern $10

*Initial Consult (1st)* $50

*Assess/Summary $200

*Quarterly Subscription /Distribution $100 mo

Tier 2/Gold

Analyze and Advice $300

*Review Records/Documents (4)$400

*Realign and Written Report $500

Tier 3/Platinum

*Mentor, Coach and Partner $800 mo

+Act as Agent/staff $500 wk

++Fieldwork/meets $150/$2 mile

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