How we Advocate for Education:

Educational Advocate

We serve as a resource while discussing the needs of your Diverse Learner who receives special services in educational arenas.
We also provide input and instruction to equip the caretakers and other providers to create an action/transition plan with multidisciplinary-teams.
However, the needs of the scholar are kept in mind.
This leadership is about helping families with students who receive SPED support to operate better as a result of our presence. We strive to insure that our impact resonates once we fade out. This will, ultimately highlight the “Abilities” and not dwell on the “Disabilities”.
Our Core-Values entail Integrity and Ethics. These values are practiced through our regular interventions with student IEP’s (underserved populations), staff planning and caretakers’ support by showing how we C.A.R.E:


* We Connect. We prioritize and acknowledge supportive relationships through collaborative resources in our community.
* We Affirm. We pledge support to diverse students through individual approach and assist with developing successful plan.
* We Respond. Our responsiveness to respectfully meet each student where they are and help them embrace all levels of unique learning experiences.
* We Empower. We collectively equip scholars and caretakers to enhance learning through cultivating strategies, prompting passion and promoting personal development towards transition planning.

Educational Services

  • Review IEP’s
  • Coordinate Educational-staffings
  • Mitigate BIP documents
  • Organize/Request Student Records-Files, -Liaise as aThird-Party Agent
  • Prepare for Age-Out Transition
  • Advise in CPS/DCFS cases
  • Assist with Inter-Agency\Navigation
  • Explain ACES & Resilience options
  • Attend Mental/Behavioral Meetings
  • Access Safe School Alliances-GSA/LGBTQ
  • Refer for Financial Safeguarding
  • Search Vocational programs
  • Conduct parents workshops
  • Provide Job readiness & College planning
  • Serve as Representative at Guardianship & Juvenile Justice/Delinquency Cases